Hall & Wilcox develops insurance app for speedy recoveries in workers compensation claims

Independent business law firm, Hall & Wilcox, has teamed up with technology firm, Neota Logic, to launch a web application which makes it faster and easier for workers compensation insurance providers to pursue recoveries.

The application is currently available for use in relation to Victorian and New South Wales claims, and can be used by insurance companies, specialised insurers, self-insurers, brokers and intermediaries. Ms Bennett says it may potentially be used by employers and anyone else that has exposure under a workers compensation policy.

Users access the application via a webpage, where they respond to a series of questions on a secure site. The user is then provided with a report that identifies whether a claim has any recovery potential. The process generally takes less than a minute. There is no need for our clients to invest in new systems or roll out any new technology to use this solution.

“The use of the application serves to increase the identification of claims with recovery potential across an insurer’s entire portfolio and also assists insurance providers to meet strict KPI’s imposed by the regulator”.

Ms Bennett commented that the application reflected the firm’s desire to find ‘smarter’ solutions. “We identified that there was a void in the market in terms of the way insurance providers approached the identification and processing of recovery claims and thought there had to be a smarter way. The team at Neota Logic were fantastic and we are confident that we have successfully combined legal expertise with user friendly technology.”

Sumith Perera, Hall & Wilcox’s Chief Operating Officer, commented that Ms Bennett and Ms Porter’s focus on this area is reflective of what is happening more broadly across the firm. “We are focussed on activating Smarter Law and this is a great example. We embrace technology, new ways of approaching legal issues and process improvements that deliver real value for our clients.

“The great thing about the recovery application is that it is capable of being adapted for a number of different insurance lines such as property and motor, and for any jurisdiction – essentially anywhere where the fault of another party may have been identified. We are developing a number of innovative solutions in response to business issues we have identified working with our clients and we also see the application being able to be utilised by our commercial, banking and financial services clients.”

For further information please contact:

Melanie Smith

Business Development Marketing & Communications Director, Corporate services
T: +61 3 9603 3539

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