Catherine Blair

Special Counsel

Qualifications: LLB, BA


Catherine is an experienced insurance lawyer and is experienced in advising insurers and corporates in the defence of public liability claims, with a focus on personal injury and policy response.

​Catherine has defended a diverse range of personal injury claims in state and federal courts on behalf of insured business owners including construction contractors, labour hire companies, specialist industrial contractors, security contractors, hoteliers, licensed clubs, fitness centres, event managers, sporting organisations, not for profit organisations, commercial cleaners, managing agents and owners of commercial premises.

Catherine’s day to day practice is made up of advising and acting for insurers and organisations in relation to the defence of pure mental harm claims, historical negligence claims and work injury claims against non-employers.


  • Acting on behalf of religious institutions in relation to historical negligence claims and professional standards
  • Advising schools and sporting associattions in relation to professional standards, risk management and negligence claims
  • Advising insurers in relation to policy coverage for historical negligence claims, worker to worker claims, contractual claims and general indemnity
  • Acting for uninsured not for profit successor organisations in relation to historical negligence claims
  • Acting for third party specialist industrial contractors in response to claims for personal injury damages by injured workers
  • Acting for insurers and contractors in response to 151Z recovery claims
  • Acting for a contractor in multi-party proceedings commenced in the Federal Court, arising from an injury to a refugee in the Republic of Nauru
  • Acting for a specialist motorsports event manager in a class action commenced in the Federal Court and in response to a compensation to relatives claim after the death of a participant
  • Acting for insurers, schools and businesses in response to bullying, harassment and assault claims
  • Acting for clubs and pubs in relation to personal injury claims arising from patron on patron violence
  • Acting for shopping centres, cleaners, managers in response to personal injury claims

Latest thinking

Insurance | 2 Nov 2023

Circumstantial evidence is still evidence

In the High Court decision GLJ v Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the Diocese of Lismore, circumstantial evidence is still evidence in the ‘new normative structure’ created by section 6A of the Limitation Act.