Bridget Mangan


Qualifications: LLB (Hons), BA


Bridget’s practice focusses on personal injury litigation management. Bridget manages serious injury, common law and statutory benefits claims made pursuant to the Accident Compensation Act 1985, Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013 and Transport Accident Act 1986.  Bridget achieves quality outcomes for her clients in transport accident and workers’ compensation matters.

Bridget acts for the Transport Accident Commission and Worksafe Victoria, its agents and employers. Bridget is a member of the team which manages serious injury and common law matters on behalf of the Transport Accident Commission. She also manages common law and statutory benefits claims for Worksafe Victoria.

Bridget is an organised, efficient litigator with strong dispute resolution skills.


  • Bridget provides advice in relation to litigated serious injury matters and common law claims to the Transport Accident Commission.
  • Bridget provides advice in relation to common law applications and statutory benefits matters to Worksafe Victoria.
  • Bridget has extensive knowledge of and conducts litigation in accordance with the Victorian Model Litigant Guidelines and the Guidelines for the conduct of disputes between different public sector bodies within the State of Victoria.