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If you want same old, same old
– we are not your firm

We are a leading independent law firm of more than 1100 people, including over 135 partners. We service corporate, public sector and private clients, both Australian-based and those offshore doing business in Australia.

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Something for everyone at different career stages: Hannah’s story

‘Hall & Wilcox offers something for everyone at all different stages of your career,’ according to Special Counsel Hannah Peddie.

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A firm that's 'open minded and willing to evolve': Martin's story

In this video, Martin shares his career journey and experience of working at the firm.

Hear from our people

For years, we've been delivering Smarter Law

But what makes Smarter Law - well, smart - is how we advise, protect, defend and enable our clients' organisations in ways that actually work better for them. That involves making real client connections, understanding their legal and business challenges, and then putting our heads together with theirs to creatively get from A to B - or, as we like to think about it, from 'argh!' to 'brilliant!'.

What is Smarter Law?


Hall & Wilcox act nationally for Australian-based clients and multinational clients with Australian interests. We work with our clients to meet their needs, at their place of business, wherever they are.

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We have a collection of commonly used forms and instructions that are available to streamline how you instruct us for day to day activities.


We offer challenging and interesting work, industry-leading clients, flexible working and we're well known in the market for our great culture.

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