Art exhibition and acquisition program


We support emerging Australian artists through our Art Exhibition and Acquisition Program, established in 2014. The program includes an annual exhibition across our national offices and the Hall & Wilcox Art Prize, which is awarded to one exhibiting artist each year.

The annual exhibition showcases the work of many emerging artists who use a variety of materials and technologies and respond to different cultural contexts through their works and artistic expression. At each exhibition launch – and for the following six to eight weeks – the work is enjoyed and often purchased by our clients, friends and staff. We also acquire an artwork from each exhibition and permanently display those works in our offices nationally.

Expressions of interest invited

We call for expressions of interest from emerging artists to enter the exhibition. Submissions will be reviewed and assessed by Hall & Wilcox’s Art Committee. All artists exhibited are automatically entered into the Art Prize competition.

art show

Hall & Wilcox's emerging artists exhibition

For any information about upcoming exhibitions, please contact our events team.

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Hall & Wilcox Art Prize

Art Prize winner 2022 – Siarn Staley

Siarn Staley, 'Edwina' artwork of an emu
Winning artwork: Siarn Staley, 'Edwina'

Art Prize winner 2021 – Adriana Smith

Artwork by Adriana Smith named ‘Electric Womb’
Winning artwork: Adriana Smith, ‘Electric Womb’

Adriana talks about her prize winning piece, Electric Womb. She also delves into what inspired her to create Electric Womb, her favourite medium of art, what she is currently working and her favourite artists.

Art Prize winner 2020

There was no Hall & Wilcox art prize winner for 2020, due to COVID-19.

Art Prize winner 2019 – Liss Finney

An abstract oil painting (Island by Liss Finney)
Winning artwork: Liss Finney, ‘Island’

Liss talks about her prize winning piece, Island, which was inspired by her artist residency in Iceland. She also shares her thoughts on her preferred artistic medium, her favourite artists and what she’s currently working on.

Kirpy shares some of his thoughts about art, his inspiration and what he has coming up next.

Read here.


Art Prize winner 2017 – Ilone Art (Sheldon Brown)

Sheldon discusses his winning piece and his work since in this video.