Billie Kerkez

Manager – Smarter Recovery Solutions


Billie has over 20 years’ experience in the volume recovery area and has been instrumental in the development of Hall & Wilcox’s volume recovery technology platform.

She and her team are experienced in recoveries arising out of a variety of commercial arrangements and understand the laws of negligence, nuisance and contract, statute law. The team has built automated systems based on their own extensive experience that streamlines processes, has direct access to online Court filing that provides a seamless operation of defined processes to ensure that our service is delivered quickly, consistently and cost-effectively.

Billie has acted for insurance companies, government regulatory authorities, telecommunications clients; corporate and private clients. She has experience in all Court jurisdictions as well as bankruptcies and winding-up of companies. Billie was responsible for in excess of 700 matters at any given time.

Billie undertakes an analysis of client matters and provides advice on the best recovery options available. Shes takes a proactive approach to the quick and effective recovery of our clients’ substantial or high-volume debts.


  • Reviewing documentation and identifying any issues at the onset of a matter.
  • Advising on prospects of recovery and procedural options.
  • Conducting negotiations, where and when appropriate.
  • Instituting and conducting recovery action, bankruptcy and winding-up proceedings.
  • Enforcing judgments including but not limited to garnishees, warrants, attachment of earnings and oral examinations.
  • Providing representation in all Courts and Tribunals throughout Australia.
  • Developing client reporting specific to individual client needs.