Learning & development


At Hall & Wilcox, your talent will be nurtured and invested in.

Learning is an ongoing process that is critical in every aspect of our work. That’s why we create an environment where collaboration, critical thinking and creativity thrive. It’s what drives Smarter Law and helps us to create a high performance learning culture.

We deliver and support continuous learning at Hall & Wilcox, through our strategic development pathway. It’s an approach that ensures development opportunities are aligned with firm strategy and provides clear development pathways for individuals at all career levels.

Starting with a personalised induction program, your ongoing development will include the opportunity to participate in regular legal seminars, internal and external workshops, online learning and webinars. We develop leadership capability with bespoke programs for emerging and new leaders, senior leaders and high potential female leaders.

There are many exciting career opportunities available for legal and non-legal professionals. To learn more about current opportunities at Hall & Wilcox follow the link below.

We recognise that most learning happens outside the classroom and encourage on-the-job coaching and feedback, and mentoring. Our digital learning platform, HW Learning Hub, also provides on-demand content, videos, articles and curated content libraries.

We offer support for post-graduate studies in approved courses – including financial support, study options and study leave. We also encourage skill development through on-the-job coaching and feedback. Firm social collaboration tools also encourage informal learning.

We take professional development seriously – regularly talking about it throughout the year and formally planning for it during the annual performance review program. We encourage all types of mentoring (formal, peer, situational, reverse) and our unique program, Mentor Connect, makes mentoring accessible to everyone.

From time to time, client and other secondment opportunities also arise. These provide excellent learning opportunities for our lawyers and help to enhance client relationships.