Mike Brookes

General Counsel


Mike manages the Legal Excellence & Risk team at Hall & Wilcox and is responsible for the firm’s precedents, risk management and general counsel/company secretarial functions.

Mike has over 20 years’ experience working for law firms in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom both as a practising lawyer and as a business services manager.

As the firm’s full time dedicated risk manager, Mike is primarily responsible for developing and implementing policies and initiatives designed to drive a culture of risk management at Hall & Wilcox.

Mike oversaw the implementation of e-filing at Hall & Wilcox during 2014. As part of this project, Mike worked closely with the firm’s IT team and with the various practice groups to tailor the firm’s e-filing offering to the varying needs of the firm’s legal staff.

Mike also took a lead role in the training of all legal staff about what e-filing meant for the firm, as well as developing guidelines on what was expected of all legal staff.