Priya Paquet


Qualifications: LLB


Priya is a skilled insurance lawyer with extensive experience in providing advice and acting for insurers in relation to large losses, fraud and indemnity issues. Priya’s experience in general insurance extends to Commercial Business, Contract Works, ISR and Public Liability policies.

Priya acts for and advises insurers on policy interpretation, indemnity, property liability and large loss recoveries. She also handles large property damage and liability matters and has expertise in fraud claims and recoveries.

Priya applies her specialist experience to advise insurers on issues involving the Insurance Contracts Act including indemnity, policy interpretation, non-disclosure and misrepresentation commencing from the claims stage through to dispute resolution and litigation.

Priya is known for her approach in balancing the commercial needs of her clients with the practical realities of litigation.


  • Advising and acting for an insurer in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal in relation to non disclosure with respect to niche insurance products. The case related to the non-disclosure on an adult insurance business policy pack where the insured was part of an outlaw motorcycle gang.
  • Acting for an insurer and the landlord insured in a successful recovery against the tenant who subleased the property without the insured’s permission to a third party who caused damage by installing a very large hydroponic laboratory.
  • Advising an insurer and successfully defending a claim against the insurer with respect to a breach of duty of utmost good faith and an estoppel argument brought by the insured in relation to their policy of insurance as a result of repair costs totalling $4.3 million arising from both fire and water damage to a building following a large loss fire.
  • Acting on behalf of an insurer and an insured in relation to a major loss in excess of $9 million at a power plant with damage where the insured was conducting contract works including assisting with the application of the Contracts Works Policy wording and assisting the insurer, insured and third party reach a resolution on a complex set of circumstances surrounding who caused the damage and who was responsible for it.
  • Providing specific advice to an insurer on claims handling with respect to a difficult insured and claims preparer on a $19 million claim for a large supermarket chain. The insured was a high value client of the insurer but was unwilling to assist the claims process thereby increasing business interruption costs and delaying construction. Priya provided advice and assisted the progress of the claim amicable to ensure efficient resolution.
  • Defending a claim on behalf of an insured where the insured rented an old warehouse to carry out scientific experiments to grow algae for food production but accidentally set fire to the warehouse. Priya and her team negotiated a settlement from a claim of $6 million to $750,000.
  • Successfully defending a multi-party claim for approximately $26 million made by an Owners Corporation against an insured who supplied the product for renovating the balconies of a residential apartment block which ultimately deemed unsafe. Priya obtained a consent judgment in favour of the insured.

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Best Lawyers in Australia 2020-2021 & 2024-2025
Recognised – Insurance Law

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  • Women in Insurance QLD
  • AILA

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