Powered by Hall & Wilcox, Frank is a dedicated startup practice which supports entrepreneurs with practical, responsive business solutions.

While business law is our core service, there’s no legal speak here – just straightforward advice and accessibility to what we know and who we know. And we’re not here to break the bank. We want to support your success, so we’ll work with you to set up a fee structure up front that lets you know exactly what you’re getting and what you’re paying.

Upfront Advice

Open Access

Shared Networks

What is Frank Lab?

Frank Lab is our six-month startup program (both for profit and for impact).

Frank Lab participants receive:

  • $5,000 to spend on legal services/documents.
  • Allocation of an experienced lawyer as your own trusted advisor.
  • Regular meetings to assist in prioritising your legal and commercial needs.
  • Access to our space, our technology and our Smarter Law solutions.
  • Access to our networks e.g. accountants, investors etc.

Frank Lab Co-Head Jasmine Koh talks about what clients have enjoyed in the Hall & Wilcox Frank Lab accelerator program and outlines what’s ahead for Frank Lab, which has just celebrated its fifth anniversary.

Frank advice, when you need it

Build your empire

Connections to:
  • Advisors.
  • Investors.
  • Venture capitalists.
  • Incubators and accelerators.

Get law in order

  • Capital raising.
  • Privacy law.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Policy drafting.

Get structure sorted

  • We’ll ensure you have the best business structure in place and can advise on R&D tax incentives and other programs.
  • We know accountants and we know tax law.

Work at our place

  • Hold meetings in our conference rooms.
  • Host your board meetings.

Connect your tech

  • Digital strategy.
  • Collaboration workshops.
  • Technology solutions assistance.

Frank feedback

Nathan Merzvinskis

"We have worked with a number of law firms on our journey and none have completely understood and supported the needs of a startup like Frank. They have been incredibly responsive, clear with their advice and I always feel like they are investing in our relationship for the long term. I would recommend seeking Frank advice to any startup that wants to lay a strong legal foundation and to build a relationship with a firm that can scale with them from inception to exit."
Nathan Merzvinskis | CEO, Everproof

Jessica May

"The Frank team really gets startups and the unique way we operate. They gave us peace of mind that they have our best interests at heart."
Jessica May | CEO, Enabled Employment National Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2015 start up

Mistie Hapin
Melanie Halpin

"We knew the Frank team was the right fit for us from the start. As founders, we appreciate their understanding of the unique needs of a start up in the fast paced world of tech. Providing us with invaluable advice around structuring, partnership and contractor agreements, risk management and smart growth, our team has fast become one of our company's best assets."
Melanie and Mistie Halpin | Co-Founders, iMomentum

Dan Parritt

"They listened to what we had to say, taking time to understand our need and walked us through the process (simply) several times, until we got it! Key for us is that we’re not specialists in the legal space, as such we needed someone who could speak to us in clear and ‘non-jargony’ terminology. The whole experience was seamless and they even went on to offer additional top-line advice on a few other matters, helping us understand exactly what was required, in a simple way. We’d highly recommend them as they were available, patient, clear and they delivered."
Dan Parritt | Founder, Molasses

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