Smarter Law


For years, we've been delivering Smarter Law.

Yes, that involves clever lawyers, technical and industry expertise, outstanding service and operational excellence.

But what makes Smarter Law – well, smart – is how we advise, protect, defend and enable our clients' organisations in ways that actually work better for them. That involves making real client connections, understanding their legal and business challenges, and then putting our heads together with theirs to creatively get from A to B  – or, as we like to think about it, from 'argh!' to 'brilliant!'.

Our Smarter Law solutions are often propelled by tech, such as Yuebot, a bot that helps insurers fight inflated CTP claims, our Common Law Early Assessment Review Tool, a web-based app that helps self-insurers monitor their potential liabilities, and property e-contracting, which digitises the selling processes for large residential projects. But Smarter Law solutions can also involve creative resourcing, pricing and legal offerings, such as Frank - our startup practice for entrepreneurs.

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Our apps and Smarter Law solutions

We use innovation and work creatively with our clients to continuously improve the way we deliver legal services. Here are our latest Smarter Law solutions.

PPSA Checklist

We are proud to offer an industry-first online PPSA Checklist. This is an issue identification tool to help insolvency practitioners assess creditor securities under the PPSA.

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Our market-first app allows clients to quickly assess whether they require Foreign Investment Review Board approval for different types of acquisitions.

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Here's a selection of Smarter Law case studies

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