Anne is an experienced insurance lawyer with a focus on health. With over 30 years clinical experience in nursing, midwifery and neonatal intensive care, Anne is an asset to the WCQ legal team when it comes to understanding medical information.

Her nursing experience assists in interpreting all manner of medical information, enables Anne to draft pertinent questions to medical experts and assists in efficiently navigating medical records. Her ability to identify what is relevant to the current injury/symptoms/condition in a previous medical history, and what is not, is also heightened due to her nursing training.

Her ability to communicate with WCQ customers on the relevance of information in medical records and the content of medical expert reports is exceptional. She is also at ease having a discussion with a medical expert, and with the medical practitioners she represents in the medical defence space. With an advanced skill set in briefing medical experts Anne is truly an asset to the team.

Her working knowledge of both the PIPA legislation and its intersection with the Workers’ Compensation legislation assists Anne to help her clients work towards an earlier resolution of claims. When asked about the significance of this directly Anne says “the PIPA experience enables me to understand the reasons for time delays caused by PIPA respondents and to interact with them to attempt to find a way around the delays and reach an earlier resolution (either through a timely conference or informal negotiations)”.

  • Enhancing her experience with WCQ common law claims is Anne’s expertise in the management of medical defence claims, Coroners Court matters and QCAT disciplinary matters. Her clients have included Queensland Health, Medical Defence Organisations and major insurers, demonstrating Anne has the ability to work with all MDO stakeholders as a model litigant, delivering tailored and practical advice
  • Anne has had recent involvement in the defence of litigated claims, one of which has progressed to a Queensland Court of Appeal hearing with an excellent outcome for Workover Queensland, and another proceeding to an appeal hearing in July 2019