13 September 2018

R U OK? See the signs every day and change a life

As a director of R U OK?, I’m passionate about creating a world where we’re all meaningfully connected, so that everyone has someone to turn to when things aren’t going so well.

Maybe the friend you meet for coffee every Tuesday morning doesn’t turn up. Maybe your regular customer suddenly stops ordering in rare books. Maybe the neighbour you wave to every morning as she gardens doesn’t wave back.

If you notice a change in someone’s behaviour, trust your gut and check in on them. Start a conversation. It could change that person’s life.

As part of R U OK? Day at Hall & Wilcox, we hosted an inclusion series event lunch, where I was in conversation with James Morvell, chair of our Diversity & Inclusion Committee and one of our staff, who shared his own personal story and the power of a conversation in his life.

And we all know how to have the conversation. Ask R U OK?, listen, encourage action and check in. It’s that simple. We don’t have to problem solve. We just have to be there. Let’s all take the time to look out for each other.

To find out more on how you can see the signs or start a conversation, see ruok.org.au.

Kathryn Howard was on ABC 774 Breakfast with Jacinta Parsons and Sami Shah, talking about her involvement with R U OK?.