Season 9: AI: the fifth industrial revolution?


Is AI the fifth industrial revolution? Our experts discuss the issues and legal implications of AI tools, such as ChatGPT.

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AI: ethics and the public sector

Lisa Ziegert and Julian Hammond discuss how AI is being used in the public sector, including risks, as highlighted by the Robodebt Royal Commission, ethical issues and potential regulation.

AI and copyright: an uneasy fit?

How does the content generated by AI fit within existing copyright laws? Lisa Ziegert and Ben Hamilton discuss how copyright laws may, or may not, apply to AI-generated content.

AI and the legal sector: potential benefits and drawbacks

How will AI tools such as ChatGPT change the way legal services are delivered? Lisa Ziegert and John Gray discuss AI’s impact on the legal sector, potential benefits and downfalls, and whether a new legal framework to deal with AI is required.

Key contacts

Lisa Ziegert
Director – Client Solutions

Lisa is a legal operations specialist with over 15 years' experience in legal technology, transformation and knowledge management.

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John Gray
Partner, Technology & Digital Economy Co-Lead and NSW Government Co-Lead

John is a corporate lawyer specialising in technology and IP law, particularly for IT, telecommunications and media clients.

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Ben Hamilton
Partner & Technology and Digital Economy Co-Lead

Ben specialises in technology law, intellectual property and commercial contracts, trade marks and commercialisation.

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Julian is a commercial disputes lawyer, with specialist expertise in the use and misuse of regulatory powers.

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