Prepare Estate Planning


Now is the time to Prepare your estate planning

Preparing or updating your Will and personal estate plan will ensure that your estate and other entities (such as family trusts) are managed smoothly and in accordance with your instructions.

We know that contemplating your mortality and making time to plan can be difficult, but your estate plan does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Our Prepare team can help you navigate through all the issues providing an easy to understand, step by step process to get your plan in shape.

Preparing and updating your succession planning documents ensures that your wealth is managed in accordance with your intentions. Our checklist helps you to prepare or update your estate plan.

What are the issues to consider in preparing or updating your estate plan?

8 good reasons to Prepare or update your estate plan

Having children / family changes

Relationship changes


Promotion / retirement / superannuation changes


Assets overseas

Investment changes

Buy / sell real estate

These are just some of the reasons to plan. It is crucial that the plan you have is appropriate for your unique circumstances and meets your needs.

Failing to Prepare or getting the plan wrong can result in consequences including:

  your family missing out on asset protection and tax benefits
  delays and extra cost in administering your estate
  extra tax payable
  disputes between family members
  your wealth passing to people you don’t intend to benefit

How we can help you Prepare

Our Prepare team has extensive experience and expertise in advising in all aspects of estate planning including:

  • testamentary trusts
  • taxation
  • trust structuring
  • asset protection
  • superannuation
  • probate
  • private dispute resolution

We provide proactive advice applying our depth of experience to your unique circumstances.

Our team will work closely with you (and your advisers) to understand what you would like to achieve and provide clear options and advice.

We are mindful of the often emotional nature of dealing with estate planning and we manage the process with sensitivity and understanding to achieve the best outcome and peace of mind for your family.

The Prepare process

Our goal is to make the estate planning process as simple as we can. Our process is simple and our prices are fixed.

Step 1

We meet to discuss your wishes and your options

Step 2

We send you initial diagrams setting out your plan

Step 3

You review the plan, confirm any information, and return our engagement letter

Step 4

We provide you with a letter of advice and draft documents to review

Step 5

You confirm any final instructions

Step 6

We meet with you to review and sign your documents

Step 7

We provide you with copies of your documents

Time to Prepare

Let's get started


Emma Woolley
Partner & Head of Family Office Advisory

Emma has extensive experience advising clients in estate planning/administration, succession, trust structures and disputes.

More about Emma

William specialises in helping clients work through their personal and business succession planning and achieve their goals.

More about William

James specialises in estate and succession planning for high-net-worth clients in Australia, the UK, Europe, the US and Asia.

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