Trust Disputes

At Hall & Wilcox, we have a team of trust dispute lawyers who can assist you in all aspects of the process. We understand that trust disputes can be emotionally charged and stressful, and we are committed to providing compassionate and supportive legal services to help you through this process.

Trust disputes can arise when there is a disagreement or conflict between the trustees and beneficiaries of a trust. These disputes can be complex and often involve significant financial assets, making it essential to have the guidance of an experienced legal team to navigate them successfully.

There are many reasons why trust disputes may arise, including:

  • disagreements over the interpretation of the trust deed
  • disputes about the validity of trust deeds
  • disputes about the validity of variations to trust deeds
  • disagreements over the appointment or removal of trustees
  • concerns regarding the conduct of a trustee
  • disputes over the distribution of trust assets
  • concerns regarding the exercise of a trustee’s discretion, including favouring one or more of the beneficiaries over others
  • a trustee acting in their own self interest
  • a trustee failing to act impartially and treating the trust and its assets as their own personal assets
  • refusal to provide trust documents and information to beneficiaries such as the trust deed, deeds of variation or financial statements

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