With online activity changing so quickly, privacy issues are increasingly capturing public and regulatory attention. In March 2019, the Government announced plans to provide greater protections for both individuals and businesses by reforming Australia’s privacy and consumer laws.

The changes are likely to include greater regulatory powers, tighter controls overusing and sharing personal information and a new code for online platforms.

We can help organisations manage privacy issues and prepare for the changes. We advise on all privacy issues, including compliance obligations, complaints for breaches of privacy and access to information requests. We regularly advise on:

  • development and implementation of privacy policies and compliance programs, including management and employee training programs;
  • advice on and assistance with dealing with privacy complaints;
  • preparing submissions and responses to the Australian Information Commissioner;
  • advising and representing organisations during investigations and conciliation conferences conducted by the Australian Information Commissioner; and
  • advice on compliance with changes to privacy laws.

Partners Eden Winokur and Alison Baker discuss the key cyber and privacy issues facing Australian businesses.

Key contacts

Alison has more than 20 years’ experience in a wide-ranging employment and privacy practice.

Eden is a leading cyber, privacy, disputes and insurance lawyer who heads the Hall & Wilcox cyber practice.

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