Environmental, Social and Governance

At Hall & Wilcox, we believe how you grow your business matters and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) makes businesses better.

Companies are facing increasing pressure from clients, shareholders, regulators and employees to transform business with an ESG lens in all that they do. Failure to have a strong ESG approach can have significant commercial, operational and reputational consequences.

ESG can be complex and confusing, and Hall & Wilcox has cross sector expertise and can help with what needs to be embedded in your business’ strategy and operations.

And we understand the issues you face. With a national footprint and over 1000 people, Hall & Wilcox is tackling the same issues as your business. We are committed to ensure our own approach to ESG is at the heart of everything we do and is embedded in our culture.

We are proud to have taken action and voluntarily joined the UN Global Compact and we are committed to advising and supporting clients on implementing the 10 UN Global Compact principles.

We work in close partnership with board chairs, non-executive directors, CEOs, company secretaries, corporate counsel and other senior executives in relation to all aspects of risk.

Partner and ESG Co-Lead Julian Hammond discusses the latest trends in ESG.

Partners Harry New and Jacob Uljans discuss ASIC’s focus on ESG and greenwashing.

Our expertise


Matters relating to a client’s impact on the natural environment, and the energy/resources it uses to operate, including:

Climate litigation
Carbon emissions, trading & reporting
Greenwashing claims
Environmental due diligence
Renewable energy projects and purchase agreements

Matters impacting a client’s relationship with their employees, customers/clients, and communities, including:

Employment and industrial relations
Workplace health and safety
Diversity and inclusion
Business and human rights
Social & Affordable housing

Matters impacting how a client is internally governed to make effective decisions on environmental and social issues, including:

Workplace policies and procedure, including whistle-blower policies
Leadership and corporate governance
Approach to bribery, sanctions and financial crime
Human rights policies and due diligence
Executive remuneration
General areas of ESG expertise
• ESG investment & screening for Funds • ESG Reporting • ESG Due Diligence • ESG Policy Advice
  • Working with a number of superannuation providers to provide advice on policy drafting, risk management implementation, contract issues, disclosure and reporting, and litigation.
  • Working with a number of superannuation trustees and fund managers on ESG policy drafting, disclosure and reporting, implement risk management and investment governance strategies, and advising on mitigation of ‘green-washing’ risk.
  • Advising ASX-listed fund managers on how to deal with ESG disclosures and issues raised by investors.
  • Advising numerous plantation owners on the registration of their project and the application of the method to their plantation, including the eligibility of existing plantations, stocking rates, conversion from a short rotation plantation to a long rotation plantation and the reestablishment of a plantation after a disturbance event.
  • Advising BlueScope Steel on its eligibility to register a major equipment upgrade under the industrial equipment upgrade method.
  • Advising Martin Energy on the development and accreditation of anerobic digestor projects at various abattoir, piggery and meat processing facilities across Australia.
  • Advising a group of native title holders in their participation in a scheme to create ACCUs through savanna land management in northern Australia.
  • Advising numerous buyer and sellers of ACCUs on the documentation for the sale and purchase of the credits, including advising two large scale plantation owners on 20 year forward sales of ACCUs from their plantations to a major international utility - each with a total value in excess of $50 million.
  • Advising a diversified real estate asset management company on its ESG Policy and sustainability processes for purposes of favourable financial terms.
  • Advising Kilara Capital on the establishment of Australia’s first climate-focused growth private equity fund.
  • Acting for various NSW local councils in the ICAC hearings.
  • Advising a coal mining company on climate change litigation, energy transition issues and project approval challenges.
  • Advising a leading leading energy infrastructure  business on energy transition issues and project approval challenges.
  • Advising a number of clients in the retail/fmcg sector on modern slavery and human rights due diligence processes and training.
  • Advising philanthropic entities and advisers on governance and administration of philanthropic trusts and development of ESG investment programs.
  • Advising the social and affordable housing sector in relation to energy poverty and programs to allow social housing clients to access renewable power.
  • Advising a State Parliament on governance and anti-corruption, fraud and losses.
  • Advising a company in the fuel sector on modern slavery reporting.
  • Working with a number of superannuation providers to provide advice on policy drafting, risk management implementation, contract issues, disclosure and reporting and litigation.
  • Advising an Australian Government-owned statutory corporation. in relation to environmental contamination litigation and recovery from polluters.
  • Advising various waste sector clients, in relation to environmental compliance and sustainability, and new waste solutions.
  • Assisting a Victorian local council in relation to reviews of planning decisions and corruption.
  • Advising a government department on governance and anti-corruption, fraud and losses.
  • Advising in respect to native title requirements for the grant of a pipeline licence under the Pipelines Act 1967 (NSW).
  • Acting in Queensland Land Court proceedings relating to the grant of a mining lease application and associated environmental authority for a Central Queensland coal project including defending novel matters arising under the Human Rights Act 2019 relating to climate change impacts in Queensland.

Key contacts

Meg Lee
Partner & ESG Co-Lead

Meg has over 20 years' experience as a property & projects lawyer, specialising in planning and environment law.

More about Meg
Nathan Kennedy
Partner, Head of Pro Bono & Community and ESG Co-Lead

Nathan is the firm's Head of Pro Bono & Community. His practice covers employment, administrative law and human rights.

More about Nathan

Julian is a commercial disputes lawyer, with specialist expertise in the use and misuse of regulatory powers.

More about Julian

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