Hall & Wilcox lawyers named in 2021 Best Lawyers in Australia

Leading independent business law firm Hall & Wilcox is pleased to announce 59 lawyers have been recognised in the 2021 Best Lawyers in Australia list. Two partners were 'Lawyer of the Year' recipients: Martin Ross for Sports Law in Melbourne and John Gray for Information Technology Law in Sydney.

Best Lawyers is a peer review guide to the legal profession worldwide. Lawyers are reviewed by their peers based on professional expertise and likelihood to refer work and are divided by location and practice areas. ‘Lawyer of the Year’ recipients receive the most votes in their category.

Seven lawyers were recognised for the first time this year.

Hall & Wilcox would like to congratulate the following people:

  • Tony Macvean, Managing Partner - Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Equity Capital Markets Law
  • Wolfgang Babeck, European Counsel - Mergers and Acquisitions Law
  • Jane Baddeley, Partner - Leasing Law, Real Property Law
  • Alison Baker, Partner - Employee Benefits Law
  • Natalie Bannister, Partner - Real Property Law
  • Noel Batrouney, Consultant - Litigation
  • Paul Baxter, Partner - Commercial Law, Insurance Law, Personal Injury Litigation, Shipping & Maritime Law, Trade Law, Transportation Law
  • Stacey Boulton, Special Counsel - Insurance Law
  • Fay Calderone, Partner - Labour and Employment Law
  • Drew Castley, Partner - Ethics and Professional Responsibility Practice, Insurance Law, Litigation, Professional Malpractice Litigation
  • Deborah Chew, Partner - Corporate/Governance Practice
  • Alison Choy Flannigan, Partner - Biotechnology Law, Health & Aged Care Law, Retirement Villages and Senior Living Law
  • John Coldham, Consultant - Personal Injury Litigation
  • Matthew Curll, Partner - Insurance Law, Professional Malpractice Litigation
  • Aaron Dearden, Partner - Labour and Employment Law
  • James Deady, Partner- Commercial Law
  • Mark Dessi, Partner - Project Finance and Development Practice
  • Graydon Dowd, Partner - Litigation, Product Liability Litigation
  • Stephanie Driscoll, Partner - Insurance Law
  • Mark Dunphy, Partner - Labour and Employment Law
  • Andrew Fairley AM, Consultant - Superannuation Law
  • Heather Gray, Partner - Funds Management, Investment Funds, Superannuation Law
  • John Gray, Partner - Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law, Outsourcing Law, Privacy and Data Security Law and Telecommunications Law
  • Ben Hamilton, Partner - Intellectual Property Law
  • Frank Hinoporos, Partner - Tax Law
  • John Hutchinson, Partner - Corporate Law, Corporate/Governance Practice, Equity Capital Markets Law, Funds Management, Investment Funds, Mergers and Acquisitions Law
  • Mark Inston, Partner - Asset Finance Law
  • Keith James, Consultant - Tax Law
  • Peter Jenkin, Special Counsel - Leasing Law, Real Property Law
  • Wayne Kelcey, Partner - Litigation
  • Nathan Kennedy, Partner- Insurance Law
  • Terry Killian, Partner - Insurance Law, Personal Injury Litigation
  • Stephen Klotz, Partner - Alternative Dispute Resolution, Litigation
  • Meg Lee, Partner - Land Use and Zoning Law, Planning and Environmental Law
  • Andrew Lyle, Partner - Insurance Law, Personal Injury Litigation, Product Liability Litigation
  • Anne MacNamara, Partner - Superannuation, Wealth Management / Succession Planning Practice
  • Ceri McDonald, Partner - Insurance Law, Legal Malpractice Litigation, Professional Malpractice Litigation
  • Jason McMahon, Partner - Personal Injury Litigation, Insurance Law
  • Harry New, Partner - Corporate/Governance Practice
  • Matthew Needham, Partner - Litigation
  • Andrew O'Bryan, Partner - Tax Law
  • Rory O'Connor, Partner - Planning and Environmental Law
  • Michael Parker, Partner - Tax Law
  • Ed Paton, Partner - Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law
  • Katherine Payne, Special Counsel - Alternative Dispute Resolution, Insolvency and Reorganization Law, Litigation
  • Mark Petrucco, Partner - Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Martin Ross, Partner - Defamation and Media Law, Entertainment Law, Sports Law, Commercial Law
  • Rebecca Shelley, Special Counsel - Insurance Law
  • Rhett Slocombe, Partner - Insurance Law
  • Kelli Stallard, Partner - Insurance Law, Personal Injury Litigation, Product Liability Litigation
  • Sean Sullivan, Special Counsel - Insurance Law, Labour and Employment Law, Occupational Health & Safety Law
  • Ilona Strong, Partner - Insurance Law
  • Nicholas Studdert, Partner - Personal Injury Litigation
  • Joanna Turnbull, Partner - Insurance Law
  • Adrian Verdnik, Partner - Funds Management
  • Ahranee Vijayaseelan, Partner - Insurance Law


Melinda Woledge

Melinda Woledge

Marketing & Communications Manager

Melinda is the Marketing & Communications Manager. She is responsible for the external and internal communication strategy.

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