International Women’s Day 2021: amazing stories

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we are sharing stories from some of our female leaders over the next week. They reflect on their career to date and open up about their professional and personal challenges along the way.

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Bec Huleatt

When Bec Huleatt had her first child 15 years ago, she was the odd one out among her friends for choosing to stay at home. But an enlightened boss helped her pioneer a flexible work option that enabled her to keep her career on track. Bec is a partner in our insurance and government practices, based in our Canberra office.

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Angela Brookes

Coming from a family of pharmacists, doctors and speech therapists, Angela Brookes jokingly describes herself as the ‘black sheep’ for choosing law as a career instead. Angela Brookes, a partner in our insurance practice in Brisbane. Read her story.

Deborah Chew

Deborah Chew

After studying political science and performance (drama and dance) at Vassar College, Deborah Chew went to Columbia Law School in New York City. To her surprise, she loved law, which she describes as ‘making order out of the chaos’. She has since built an impressive corporate and commercial career, both in New York and her adopted home of Melbourne, while also raising two children. She shares her story.

Kathryn Howard

Kathryn Howard

Kathryn Howard believes that asking ‘What qualities can I bring into the day today?’ helps her to be a better lawyer. Kathryn, a leading government lawyer, shares her career journey.

Hall & Wilcox Partner Emma Woolley headshot

Emma Woolley

Emma arrived in Melbourne knowing no one, but 15 years later she has built up a leading private client practice, is heavily involved in giving back to the community and has even made her peace with Melbourne’s notoriously fickle weather. Read her story.