Recent anniversaries: Shirlena Tenace


Shirlena, or Shirl as she is affectionately known, celebrated her 45-year anniversary at Hall & Wilcox in November 2021.

Shirl commenced with the firm in 1976 as a typist for one of the lawyers, in the Hall & Wilcox ‘typing pool’. In 2005, Shirl transferred to the role of Precedents Assistant to work in our Precedents team and now works as our Precedents Co-ordinator.

Recently, Managing Partner Tony Macvean commented that Shirl ‘is one of the “old guard” who connects us to the past, reminds us of where we came from and helps keep us real.

Shirl is a pleasure to work with. She shows great enthusiasm for her work and has a can-do approach. She is a team-player and has contributed to a number of important projects within the firm over the years’.

Shirl has made a great contribution to the firm over many years. She has committed her career to the firm and for that we are very grateful.

We asked Shirl a few questions to reflect on her amazing 45 years at the firm.

My thoughts on my time at the firm are…

Although I have been here for 45 years, it doesn’t seem like that long. Over that time the firm has gone from manual typewriters and plug and cord switchboard, to electric typewriters, numerous versions of computer systems, to what we have today.

Also, during that time I went from being single to married, having children, etc. It’s very true when people say that the people you work with become your second family. I have made lifelong friends with many people I have worked with.

One of my earliest Hall & Wilcox memories is…

Starting at the firm two weeks before my birthday. Back then, if it was your birthday, you bought cakes – one for everyone in the office. It was a good way to get to know everyone!

Something we used to do and I now miss is…

Not really ‘we used to do’ but I do miss knowing everyone in the office. Unfortunately, with our size now, it’s virtually impossible.

When people ask me about working at Hall & Wilcox I tell them…

It’s a great place to work – especially in my team. They are great listeners, supporters and champions of each other. I have been very fortunate with the people I have worked with and have made some lifelong friendships.

Over the years the ‘class’ culture has changed for the better.

Outside of Hall & Wilcox, you’ll find me…

Socialising with friends and family, going to music festivals, musicals, stage shows and galleries, taking photographs, travelling and generally chilling!