Board of Emerging Leaders


The Board of Emerging Leaders (BEL) acts as a forum for the firm’s emerging leaders, to provide feedback, cultivate ideas and influence the strategic direction of the firm. Functioning as a dynamic 'shadow board' for the Board of Partners, the BEL plays an important role in helping to shape the firm’s direction.

The BEL consists of employee lawyers and corporate services professionals – ensuring representation across practice groups and offices nationally.

The role of the BEL includes:

  • strategic guidance: providing meaningful feedback and advice to the firm's leadership and management teams;
  • sounding board: acting as a sounding board on initiatives, projects and strategy;
  • generational connection: fostering connections between current leaders and the next generation of talent within the firm;
  • networking: building internal and external networks;
  • collaboration: facilitating collaboration between practice groups and teams;
  • leadership development: providing opportunities for the development of leadership skills; and
  • feedback: inviting feedback broadly across the firm to consider areas for improvement and growth.

The BEL reflects the commitment Hall & Wilcox has to investing in our emerging leaders and fostering Smarter Law and our Hallmarks.


Barbara works with insurers to resolve CTP and liability claims. She is an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law.

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Yvette is Head of Knowledge at Hall & Wilcox.

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