Meet our new Partner

Vince Battaglia

Vince Battaglia


Banking & Financial Services

‘I love helping clients develop successful investment products in a highly complex and regulated industry.’


  • I work with:
    Australian Unity, KM Property Funds, Ironbark Asset Management, Ellerston Capital and Impact Funds Management.
  • Major highlights:
    I have been fortunate to have a few. Only recently I was delighted to work with KM Property Funds to raise capital (in the millions) from retail clients in a challenging property market affected by COVID-19. The client was very pleased to pull off this capital raising and property acquisition in these economic conditions.
  • Trends in my area:
    financial services is an area that is subject to constant regulatory change. However, since the Banking and Financial Services Royal Commission, the financial services industry, including funds management, rate of regulatory change has increased, only to be temporarily slowed down due to COVID-19.
  • I predict the next big thing will be:
    the new design and distributions regime will permanently change the way that retail financial products will be designed, manufactured and distributed.
  • My proudest achievement:
    raising my children well (which is still a work in progress!)
  • Outside work, you'll find me:
    I’m an avid rugby league fan and enjoy playing tennis.
  • If I wasn't a lawyer, I would be:
    a fund manager. I really like the funds industry, and putting together investment opportunities.