Meet our new Partner

Rebecca Shelley

Rebecca Shelley


Statutory Insurance

‘I love solving problems for my clients. Helping them to find a solution to sometimes seemingly intractable situations, which can involve some lateral thinking, is extremely satisfying.’


  • I work with:
    corporate insurers, including QBE, Allianz, IAG and Guild Insurance. I also work with licensees under the Commonwealth workers compensation scheme.
  • Major highlights:
    several years ago, I represented Comcare in a complex matter in which an employee claimed a psychological injury. The case involved multiple Executive Level employees who found the case traumatic, having also been taken to Fair Work Australia and the Human Rights Commission by this worker. It was very rewarding to be able to achieve a positive result for Comcare while also providing support to the affected employees and having them exonerated of any wrongdoing.
  • My proudest achievement:
    rather than a single event, I think my proudest achievement (apart from raising my three gorgeous children) is the ongoing role I play in the growth and success of others, from guiding lawyers fresh out of university to become strong, insightful and successful practitioners to mentoring unemployed ethnically diverse lawyers into the workforce.
  • Outside work, you'll find me:
    on an average weekend, you’ll find me dragging a (willing) husband and at least one (not-so-willing) child along for a hike in the nearby bushland and nature reserves. Winter is no excuse, as Canberra’s clear skies make up for the chilly days and I love that we still get surprised by rare and unusual wildlife.
  • If I wasn't a lawyer, I would be:
    a nurse. In fact I started my university studies in nursing before I changed to law. I think the common thread between the two professions is helping people and seeing the person behind the problem.