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Bridget Wall

Bridget Wall



‘I love solving problems for my clients and working at Hall & Wilcox with great people.’


I work with: domestic and international insurers in the professional indemnity and financial lines product space, defending claims brought against a range of professionals.

Trends in my area: we’ve seen in the past that professional indemnity and financial lines claims activity can be tied to the economy, post-GFC as an example, with claims activity picking up when there are challenges in the economy (both locally and globally). It will be interesting to see if those economic challenges come to fruition, and what impact that will have on the number of claims that our clients and the sector is seeing.

I predict the next big thing will be: the pressure in the construction industry amid rising insolvencies and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and whether this will translate to increased claims in D&O products and management liability.

My proudest achievement: becoming Partner! Also, while not a specific achievement, I’ve practised in a number of different states and I believe in order to have done that successfully, I’ve had to be adaptable, which is a prized skill.

Outside work, you’ll find me: we just got a pool put in our backyard, so my family and I have been enjoying that as we head into summer!

If I wasn’t a lawyer, I would be: a political journalist.

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