Liz Seggie

Senior Associate

Qualifications: LLB (Hons), BCom



Liz's practice focuses on state compensation and liability claims. She has developed particular expertise in identifying and managing complex and technical liability and state compensation claims, considering, analysing and providing commercial advice to both insurers and self-insured employers. She also has extensive experience in property damage and recovery claims.

Liz regularly appears at both Conciliation and Arbitration Services at WorkCover WA, as well as the District and Supreme Courts of Western Australia, representing insurers and self-insurers in disputes ranging from statutory interpretation, the nature of an employer's liability to pay compensation, slip and trip claims and large commercial fire claims. She also regularly provides advice regarding the interaction between the state compensation and common law jurisdictions.

Liz represents a range of domestic insurance companies, RiskCover, WA government departments and self-insured companies.


  • Successfully defending a government department in a District Court trial and taxation in a complex stress claim.
  • Successfully resolving complex multi-million dollar property damage and public liability claims.
  • Providing advice on indemnity and challenging indemnity in public liability and property damage claims, successfully resolving claims with the insured and pursuing recovery from third parties.
  • Providing advice on and challenging scopes of duty of care in a commercial, government and employer/employee contexts and successfully resolving claims on this basis.
  • Representing a government department in a claim by a worker involving fraud and misconduct during an ongoing workers’ compensation claim.
  • Successfully defending a claim seeking to include an accrual in the calculation of weekly payments, including technical advice and argument as to the wording and calculation of weekly payments under the Western Australian Workers’ Compensation Act.
  • Successfully defending a claim for a secondary shoulder condition, through technical arguments regarding the burden of proof and the worker’s obligations to discharge that burden.
  • Defending claims and providing advice on the interactions of legislation for a claim involving a workers’ compensation, public liability and motor vehicle claim; and
  • Successfully obtaining recovery and contribution from employers, independent contractors and occupiers from a workers’ compensation and public liability perspective.