Ben Kelly

Senior Associate

Qualifications: LLB, BA



Ben joined Hall & Wilcox in 2008 after working as a solicitor at a plaintiff firm.

Ben’s practice focuses on statutory benefits and common law matters. He has strong technical skills. He enjoys problem solving and strategy, and always offers well thought out solutions to issues arising on matters. Ben brings creative ideas to managing litigation which benefits Scheme outcomes and team members with whom he shares his creative approach.

Ben has a particular interest in the area of statutory benefits litigation. He has a close relationship with a number of highly regarded barristers with whom he discusses statutory benefits issues. He shares this knowledge with other members of SIV which assists in our statutory benefits litigation management.

Ben is a statutory benefits mentor to many solicitors who value his insights and knowledge.

Ben has been a member of the WorkSafe CLE working group on two occasions.

He is a member of SIV’s statutory benefits working group which develops statutory benefits strategies for the benefit of the Scheme.

Ben has organised internal CLE presentations on the technical aspects of statutory benefit matters and how to achieve outcomes which meet Scheme objectives.

Latest thinking

Thinking | 21 Nov 2019

Criminal records and recruitment: Greater certainty for employers

A recent amendment to anti-discrimination laws gives employers greater certainty about when they can and cannot reject job applications from people with criminal records.