Ashleigh Glasson

Senior Associate

Qualifications: LLB, GDLP


Ashleigh has over eight years’ experience in insurance litigation. Her expertise extends from workers’ compensation and dispute resolution advice and representation, to common law claims, recoveries, policy interpretation and indemnity disputes.

Ashleigh regularly represents employers and insurer clients at WorkCover WA and the District Court of Western Australia.

Ashleigh is a hardworking and dedicated practitioner committed to providing a high quality of legal advice and service to her clients.

Ashleigh utilises her extensive knowledge of the relevant legislation and common law authorities to provide an accurate and well-reasoned legal opinion on each matter she is acting on.

Where appropriate, Ashleigh will facilitate the informal resolution of claims in a timely manner and on the best possible terms for her clients, having regard to not only the applicable legal issues but also to the commercial interests of her clients.


  • Undertaking claims reviews and developing claims management strategies.
  • Drafting opinions addressing issues including liability under both statutory legislation and at common law, indemnity, recovery, quantum, settlement, claims management and strategy.
  • Advising and representing employer and insurer clients in proceedings pursued through the Conciliation and Arbitration Service of WorkCover WA, including attending conciliation conferences, directions hearings, interlocutory hearings, pre-arbitration conferences and arbitration hearings.
  • Advising and representing employer and insurer clients in relation to claims made by dependants of deceased claimants under the Fatal Accidents Act 1959 (WA).
  • Advising and representing employer and insurer clients in relation to recovery actions, including initiating actions in the Magistrates Court of WA and pursuing the action to a meditation conference.
  • Advising and representing employer and insurer clients in relation to actions in the District Court of WA, including drafting court documents and attending pre-trial conferences, directions hearings, chamber summons hearings and listing conferences.
  • Acting as instructing solicitor in preparation for trial at the District Court.
  • Negotiating the informal resolution of insurance claims at informal conferences in both litigated and unlitigated claims, conciliation or pre-arbitration conferences in WorkCover proceedings and pre-trial conferences in actions being pursued through the District Court of WA.
  • Advising and representing insurer clients on claims relating to principal indemnity issues and breach of contract claims.

Professional Membership

  • Law Society of Western Australia