Manager of the ‘Advocate Me’ Law Practice




On 14 April 2021 the Victorian Legal Services Board appointed Jacob Uljans, a Partner of Hall & Wilcox Lawyers, as Manager of the sole practitioner law practice of Serene Teffaha trading as Advocate Me (the Law Practice). The appointment was made pursuant to sections 327(2)(b) and 334 of the Legal Profession Uniform Law.

The appointment means that Mr Uljans now has control of all aspects of the Law Practice, including its Trust Account. Mr Uljans will not be taking over any of the current files at the law practice, which will be returned to clients or transferred to new solicitors chosen by the client.

Clients of the Law Practice who have paid money into the trust account of the Law Practice should contact Mr Uljans at or (03) 9603 3123 at the earliest opportunity so that arrangements can be made to refund moneys held on trust by the Law Practice. Clients who wish to obtain a refund will need to provide evidence of the payments they have made to the Law Practice.

Funds paid into trust by clients are not available for, and will not be used to meet, the costs of the external intervention and Hall & Wilcox Lawyers will not be paid out of any trust funds held on behalf of clients of the Law Practice.

Any clients who have active matters with the Law Practice should also contact Mr Uljans as soon as possible so he can help them find new representation.

Clients of the Law Practice are strongly encouraged to contact Mr Uljans on or before 5.00pm on Friday 28 May.