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Australia’s financial services and insurance sector is a significant contributor to the national economy, consistently contributing more than $100 billion to GDP and more than one million jobs. Its role in rebooting the Australian economy post-Covid is vital.

Web graphics insuranceThe sector has undergone significant changes over the past decade, following extensive and ongoing regulatory reform post the Royal Commission. There is an increased focus on ethical service and risk management. The emergence of new technologies has led to disruption and our ageing population is increasing the demand for insurance, superannuation and financial advice over the medium to long term.

The role of the sector post-Covid is vital to reboot the Australian economy. While it continues to address its own challenges and opportunities it must support its customers and clients as they grapple with the forces at play.

Are you complying with your Design and Distributions Obligations?

The Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) regime under the Corporations Act commenced on 5 October 2021 and continues to apply to most new financial products. Issuers and distributors have statutory obligations. We can help.

How we can help

We are a growing, leading national law firm with a presence and offices around Australia. We advise domestic and international clients doing business in Australia on the full spectrum of financial services and insurance matters. Our clients are market-leading insurance companies, government agencies, fund managers, banks and non-banks, investment funds and corporates doing business in Australia.

A commercial approach

We know our clients need us to have an extensive understanding of their industry to effectively and expertly respond to rapid market changes. Our strategic focus on industries like financial services and insurance gives us a deeper insight into the commercial drivers that affect our clients’ businesses.


We remain at the forefront of key regulatory issues often liaising with key regulators and licensing bodies like APRA, ASIC and the ATO on behalf our clients.

Industry focus and participation

Our lawyers take an active role in guiding and shaping the future of the industry through committee and board roles of peak industry bodies. We also participate as trusted advisors in legislative reform sub-committees submissions to stakeholders, industry bodies and government.

Blockchain and Fintech

Globalisation is one of the driving forces behind this digital technology, with consumers, businesses and governments expecting fast, reliable and secure ways of storing and transferring critically important data. Our Financial Services and Tax experts are emerging as one of Australia’s leading teams in the developing Blockchain and Fintech market. We advise on establishing cryptocurrency funds, digital currency exchanges, anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Security Token Offerings (STOs), online payment and banking systems, tax structures, income tax and GST relating to digital assets.

Smarter Law

We actively practice and are known for our Smarter Law approach. It’s what sets us apart. Smarter Law is how we advise, protect, defend and enable our clients in a way that works better for them. This involves making real client connections, understanding legal and business challenges and then putting our heads together to creatively get from A to B. We work with clients to develop solutions, which are often technology driven, and are innovative, valuable and bold.

Specialist focus

We recognise that the only way to address our clients’ most complex issues is to bring together specialists with different areas of expertise. Our six industry focus groups below naturally collaborate to help guide and shape the future of this sector.

Featured thinking


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Key contacts

Matthew Curll


Co-Head of Financial Services & Insurance

Matthew is a leading insurance lawyer and co-lead of the firm's National Financial Services + Insurance Industry Group.

Harry New


Co-Head of Financial Services & Insurance

Harry leads our financial services team and focuses extensively on financial services law and corporate advisory.