Hall & Wilcox supports ‘safe and healthy legal workplaces’ as signatory to Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation

Leading independent business law firm, Hall & Wilcox, has announced its support for safe and healthy legal workplaces by becoming a signatory to the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation (Foundation).

Established in 2008, the Foundation is an independent charitable organisation dedicated to reducing work-related psychological ill-health in the legal community, and to promote workplace psychological health and safety.

Hall & Wilcox has signed up as a signatory to the Foundation’s Guidelines, which the Foundation describes as “…good for business, good for people and good for mental health”.

Katie McKenzie, Director People & Culture at Hall & Wilcox, said the firm is focused on supporting healthy workplaces. “The Foundation does a wonderful job providing crucial support to the legal industry. Hall & Wilcox is proud to be involved as a signatory.

“Legal work is incredibly rewarding but research shows that legal professionals, in particular, suffer from higher rates of depression than the general population.

“Creating a happy and supportive work environment is a priority and not something that can be taken for granted.”

The Foundation Guidelines are a management framework to create a psychologically safe and healthy workplace for all. It identifies positive indicators of psychological safety as comfort to make mistakes, ask questions, learn from failure, openly sharing ideas, and better innovation and decision making.

The Foundation provides tools and resources to legal firms and focuses on prevention by addressing the causes of workplace stress.

Please click here for further information on the Foundation.

For further information please contact:

Melanie Smith

Business Development Marketing & Communications Director, Corporate services
T: +61 3 9603 3539

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