Spotlight on Financial Services


Events | 29 Mar 2023

Spotlight on Financial Services

Digital Assets – where are we at and where are we headed with digital asset regulation in Australia?

Hosted by John Bassilios

Various recent events are set to shape the digital asset landscape in Australia, including ASIC taking action against numerous digital assets businesses; Treasury releasing a Token Mapping Consultation Paper; and the joint media release by the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Financial Services. Hear from a panel of experts about what this all means and where we are heading with digital asset regulation in Australia.

Panellists Blockchain APAC – Steve Vallas
BTC Markets – Caroline Bowler
DigitalX – Lisa Wade
Zerocap – Ryan McCall

ESG and ‘greenwashing’ risk – ASIC’s enforcement approach, and ESG-related civil action. What does the future look like for the financial services sector in Australia?

Hosted by Jacob Uljans

What is ASIC’s approach to greenwashing enforcement in the financial services sector and what are the civil litigation possibilities against financial services businesses arising from ESG issues? Learn more from highly regarded trial and appellate advocate Tomo Boston KC on what the future might hold for Australian financial services entities with respect to ESG and greenwashing risks.

Presenter Tomo Boston KC, Queen Street Chambers

Navigating the market for property funds

The current real estate market is presenting different challenges for property fund managers than those that they have been faced with in recent years. Hear from our panel of industry experts, who discussed how property funds are managing the current market, and the potential opportunities coming out of a changing real estate landscape.

Panellists Australian Unity – Louise Cahill-Mulvogue
Haben – Melissa Kingham
Newmark Capital – Chris Langford
Qualitas – Daniel Mote

Cyber risk profile for financial services organisations

The financial sector is particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Financial services businesses make for particularly attractive targets because of their crucial role in intermediating funds.

This webinar delved into what companies have learned from previous breaches, how to navigate the changing landscape of cyber security and much more.

Panellists Gallagher – Theresa Lewin

What’s next for renewable energy projects? The commercialisation of new technologies, including hydrogen, batteries and offshore wind

Hosted by David Cooper

Where to next for renewables? Partner David Cooper leads a panel session where renewables industry experts discussed their views on the current state of the market for renewable energy projects. Hear our panellists engage on a range of issues impacting the industry, including the emergence of new renewable energy technologies and how the market is reacting.

Guest speakers Australian Renewable Energy Agency – Dr Cameron Kelly
  Renewables and infrastructure expert – Kieren Boesenberg
  Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation – Viet Pham
  MUFG – Chau Phan-Vu

Federal Budget 2023-24: what it means for you

Our internationally recognised Tax team unpacked the tax, business and legal implications of the 2023-24 Federal Budget. During this webinar, our tax experts examine the key taxation announcements, particularly those relevant to large multinationals, the resources sector, small and medium businesses and superannuation funds and members. We also outline the ESG initiatives that were announced, plus Budget implications for the health, aged care and disability, and the social and affordable housing sectors.

Guest presenter Westpac Business Bank – Jarek Kowcza

Financial services networking drinks with keynote speaker Steve McKnight: the power of programming – how to unlock the code to real and lasting wealth

Hosted by Adrian Verdnik

'The power of programming' when it comes to money and wealth creation was the topic of discussion at our financial services networking session with keynote speaker Steve McKnight, accomplished investor and one of Australia's most successful business authors.

Listen to Steve’s thought-provoking session about how to avoid the consumption trap, about thinking differently about our relationship with money, and about the value of thinking about being 'rich' in terms of time and not materialism.

Current issues & trends for M&A in the financial services sector

Hosted by Chris Brown

An increase in M&A activity is thought likely next year as companies search for growth and rationalisation in a challenging economic landscape.

Hear from our panel of experts across investment banking, wealth management and insurance, as they explored the current M&A trends and developments in financial services.

Panellists Barrenjoey – Anthony Brasher
Berkshire Global Partners – Nelson Lam
PSC Insurance – David Hosking
PSK Financial Services – Paul Aspros

Insurance considerations for AFSL holders

Hosted by Philip Hopley

With a number of AFSL holders experiencing difficulties obtaining compliant policies, our expert panel delved into the state of the insurance market, key considerations for AFSL holders in terms of obtaining compliant cover and the consequences of not doing so.

Panellists Aon – Sarah Thorne
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance – Nikolce Stojcevski

How can superannuation trustees help their members to meet their retirement income needs?

Hosted by Anne MacNamara

With the superannuation industry struggling to keep up with increasing regulation, this webinar provided an opportunity to explore the key issues and the way forward. This session covered topics including the retirement income covenant, and will address such questions as: Can super trustees expand their retirement income response using calculators? What are the recommendations from the Levy Report that should be adopted to facilitate advice to retirees?

Panellists Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation – Amy Ward
Financial Advice Association of Australia – Sarah Abood
Mercer – Tim Jenkins