Events | 01 Oct 2020

Key issues to discuss with your clients in the current environment

With Victoria remaining in lockdown and other Australian states having varying degrees of restrictions, temporary insolvency safeguards have been extended for the remainder of 2020. The market is in a continued state of inactivity and there are key issues which businesses should be considering now.

In this session, you hear from three of our partners on some key matters which accountants should be discussing with their clients in this economic climate:

  • key tax considerations arising for businesses that are in financial distress, including engagement with the ATO;
  • asset protection issues and estate planning both for clients and also at risk beneficiaries; and
  • strategies in collection of debtors, and whether your clients can improve their security position / prospects of recovering debtors.


Frank Hinoporos

Partner & Head of Tax

Hall & Wilcox

William Moore

Partner & Head of Private Clients Advisory

Hall & Wilcox

Katherine Payne


Hall & Wilcox