Events | 17 Sep 2020

Getting deals done, bringing them back from the brink and recovering those that fall over

Completing transactions during COVID-19 has been challenging, with many being held up or scrapped altogether. So how do you get a deal done? When a deal goes wrong, how can you get it back on track and avoid litigation?

In the third and last webinar of this series, presented by Hall & Wilcox and FTI Consulting, we look at getting deals done and what to do when the numbers turn ugly.

The discussion revolved around:

  • distressed transactions;
  • monitoring financial performance under rapidly changing conditions;
  • strategic use of transaction terms, including MAC outs, earn outs and warranty breaches; and
  • what to take into account given the current levels of uncertainty.

We'll also look at the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions on businesses in the SME sector, particularly in Victoria.


Deborah Chew


Hall & Wilcox

Ross Blakeley

Senior Managing Director

FTI Consulting

Peter Angelini


Stannards Accountants & Advisors

Dawna Wright

Senior Managing Director

FTI Consulting


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