Events | 28 Apr 2020

Flexible work as the new normal

Employees have been increasingly 'connected' and the four walls of the workplace have been eroding for some time. The take up of flexible work arrangements with recognised benefits for employee retention, engagement, organisational performance and inclusiveness has increasingly been recognised. Now, as we face a global pandemic of an unprecedented scale, we have seen businesses who embraced flexible and agile working as their normal, reap the benefits of business continuity and workforce stability to weather the crisis.

In our recent webinar with the Diversity Council Australia and Page Group, Employment Partner Fay Calderone discussed how embracing flexible working means employers not only reap the benefits of business continuity during times of crisis but create the foundation of a more engaged and inclusive future workforce.

Page Group Director Clare Johnson introduced the session, and Mariam Veiszadeh from the Diversity Council Australia presented the organisation's data and recommendations on mainstreaming flexibility.


Fay Calderone


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