19 May 2017

Time to get your affairs in order now you’ve stopped streaming S Town!

Have you been listening to the latest podcast sensation created by the producers of Serial and This American Life?

Has the intriguing estate planning (or lack thereof) of John B. McLemore got you thinking about ensuring that you have your own house in order?

Do you want to avoid your family and friends being left guessing what your true intentions for your most treasured and valuable items are?

If you own any assets in your sole name and you wish to choose who receives them, or how they may be dealt with after your death, then you need to make a Will. Putting in place a Will allows you to:

  • provide for and leave particular items to the people you care about
  • appoint a person you trust to carry out the instructions in your Will (your executor)
  • leave any other instructions you may have (for example, the guardians of your children)
  • make a gift to charity if you wish
  • limit the legal, financial, and emotional burden involved in administering your estate after your death and
  • provide the best possible defence against a challenge to your estate!

If you wish to begin preparing your succession planning, please give our Private Clients team at Hall & Wilcox a call to discuss.