Beyond Compliance: ESG – minimising risk and maximising opportunities


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a rapidly growing and complex landscape with constant media coverage and commentary about the need for companies and boards to be more aware of their ESG responsibilities.

From diversity to supply chain due diligence to reducing carbon emissions, ESG cuts across vastly different corporate functions, including workplace health and safety, stakeholder engagement, executive remuneration and board diversity, among other issues. It’s clear that it has implications for all boards and directors.

This evolving understanding of ESG is driving responsibility for ESG into the boardroom and increasingly requires that directors build ESG considerations into their organisation’s strategy and risk framework. There is growing recognition among directors that making decisions with regard to ESG issues makes good business sense, and leads to long-term value creation.

By thoughtfully considering the impact their organisation is having on the environment and on the community, and proactively taking steps to ensure they are maintaining trust, brand and reputation through sound governance, directors protect their organisations’ social licence and long-term commercial success.

ESG Training for boards: How we can help

Our expert team have developed a six-part series comprising of 1.5 hour sessions to assist directors grapple with the complex issues presented by ESG.

The series steps through applicable directors’ duties, highlights some of the global trends underlying the meteoric rise of ESG and outlines why these trends are making ESG a boardroom priority. It also outlines the board’s role in setting ESG strategy, understanding the risks and ensuring the appropriate governance and oversight is in place.


Modules can be tailored pending the need of the board and current policies in place.

  1. E – ESG reporting and climate disclosure requirements
  2. E – ESG and greenwashing
  3. S – Modern slavery training
  4. S – Whistle-blower training
  5. S – Diversity and inclusion: creating healthy and inclusive workplaces training
  6. G – Governance and leadership training

Meg Lee, Hall & Wilcox Partner and Co-Lead ESG, outlines the key trends in environment, social and governance.

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Meg Lee
Partner & ESG Co-Lead

Meg has over 20 years' experience as a property & projects lawyer, specialising in planning and environment law.

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Julian is a commercial disputes lawyer, with specialist expertise in the use and misuse of regulatory powers.

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