Beyond Compliance: prepare your estate planning


Now is the time to Prepare your estate planning.

Your needs are unique and planning is essential. It may be confronting but it’s important to carefully consider questions about your goals and protect your family’s future. Our Private Clients team have supported many boards and senior executives navigate through all the issues providing an easy to understand, step by step process to get your plan in shape – and importantly, ensure your wealth is well managed and protected.

Why Prepare?

We have been working with a number of professional service firms to assist partners and key staff with these arrangements. It provides certainty, avoids issues where people die without anything in place, and also shows a commitment by the firm to their key people and families.

How we can help

Our goal is to make the estate planning process as simple as we can.

Led by William Moore, partner and national leader of our Private Clients team, Prepare is a tailored personal estate planning service to assist boards and senior leaders put in place arrangements for their personal planning, including Wills, powers of attorney and documents to deal with control of trusts and other structures. Prepare can also examine and provide asset protection advice.

Prepare provides certainty and ensures you have the best plan in place. Operating through a clear, stepped process, our team works exclusively on a fixed priced basis to assist leaders put in place or update their estate planning.

8 good reasons to Prepare or update your estate plan

Having children / family changes

Relationship changes


Promotion / retirement / superannuation changes


Assets overseas

Investment changes

Buy / sell real estate

These are just some of the reasons to plan. It is crucial that the plan you have is appropriate for your unique circumstances and meets your needs.

Time to Prepare – let’s get started

Preparing and updating your succession planning documents ensures that your wealth is managed in accordance with your intentions. Our experts will provide:

  • A presentation – to you, the board and/or senior leadership team:
  • A two-minute video snapshot outlining the service and its benefits
  • Prepare material

Our checklist helps you to prepare or update your estate plan.

Find out what to consider in preparing or updating your estate plan.

Key contacts

William specialises in helping clients work through their personal and business succession planning and achieve their goals.

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Emma Woolley
Partner & Head of Family Office Advisory

Emma has extensive experience advising clients in estate planning/administration, succession, trust structures and disputes.

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James specialises in estate and succession planning for high-net-worth clients in Australia, the UK, Europe, the US and Asia.

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