Beyond Compliance: business contracts and essential competition & consumer law


In our popular 'Business Contracts and Essential Competition & Consumer Law’ training, our award-winning industry experts collaborate with clients to tailor training for business stakeholders, senior management, in house counsel, contract managers and employees to meet organisational needs and improve regulatory compliance, protect your business and minimise risk.

Our highly experienced team provide practical, interactive and commercial training sessions on all aspects of commercial, contracts, IP, competition and consumer law, including the new unfair contract terms regime. We provide the necessary skills transfer to ensure that senior leaders, contract managers and businesses are developing the capability of their own people to prevent contract, liability and regulatory compliance issues before they occur, so that you’re in the best possible position around the negotiating table, and in the event of a contract dispute.

How we can help

Led by Suzie Leask, a Partner in our national corporate and commercial team, these sessions empower business stakeholders to recognise red flags, improve organisational compliance and contract management processes, and upskill teams in drafting and negotiation skills, while better understanding key risks areas of non-compliance with competition and consumer law when preparing, reviewing and negotiating contracts and other commercial deals.

Workshops are tailored based on business needs and include:

NEW Unfair Contracts Law and Penalties + Competition & Consumer Law Essentials 
Get up to speed on the new Unfair Contract Law changes and penalties that will affect your business contracts, as well as competition and consumer law compliance and regulatory breaches to watch out for when negotiating commercial deals to avoid regulator scrutiny.

  • Contracts 101 – Key elements of an enforceable and compliant Contract
    With a focus on key contract terms, tips and tricks, enforceability and case studies, learn the essentials of best practice contract management for business, including how to future proof your contracts amid supply chain volatility and signing contracts electronically.
  • How to limit and exclude risk – A guide to Warranties and Indemnities
    Break down the most technical and most important aspect of contracts, with a practical guide to limitation of liability, warranties and indemnities, including negotiation tips and drafting exercises.
  • Technology contracts, IP protection, E-contracting and other digital trends
    Explore how to best engage with your customers to ensure you have enforceable, binding contracts, with an overview of trends in the digital and e-commerce marketplace, and other website terms and conditions and policies. Learn key tips for technology contracts and intellectual property protection and commercialisation strategies.
  • International contracting plus Contract Negotiation Tips
    With an increasingly global, online marketplace, whether you are an international based business or may have international customers, suppliers, manufacturers, group companies, or do business online through your website, learn our expert tips for international contracting and participate in a practical commercial contract negotiation.
  • Contracts gone bad: Breach, Termination and Disputes
    Learn how to effectively manage a breach of contract, with case studies to show you how to avoid and manage contract disputes, and how to lawfully terminate contracts.

All sessions include relevant case studies and exercises, providing participants with insight into the outcomes and consequences of common contract issues and mistakes. We recommend sessions take place face to face, although we can always facilitate engaging online and hybrid sessions to meet your needs.

Bespoke sessions – hot topics in demand

Our expert team delivers bespoke sessions to ensure management, senior leaders and in house legal teams are prepared for emerging trends in contract management and regulatory compliance for business, including legislation changes. Being proactive enables leadership teams and boards to benefit from a greater level of comfort with legal compliance, and importantly a reduced risk of legal liability. Please contact us to discuss key issues facing your business and how we can help tailor a program to suit your needs.

Key contact

Suzie is experienced in a broad range of areas including, business transactions, corporate advisory, commercial contracts, IT and intellectual property, privacy law and more.

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Jacqui Barrett
Partner & Head of US Desk

Jacqui assists clients with mergers and acquisitions, corporate structuring, capital raisings and managed investment schemes.

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James Deady
Partner & Technology and Digital Economy Co-Lead

James is an commercial lawyer specialising in technology procurement, privacy, data security and intellectual property matters.

More about James
Ben Hamilton
Partner & Technology and Digital Economy Co-Lead

Ben specialises in technology law, intellectual property and commercial contracts, trade marks and commercialisation.

More about Ben

Martin practices commercial law and has extensive experience in sports and media contracts and commercial litigation.

More about Martin

Mark is an experienced corporate & commercial lawyer with a particular focus on the sports and media industries.

More about Mark

Kurt is a commercial and projects lawyer with experience assisting clients on corporate and commercial matters across a range of sectors.

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