Are your employees mentally fit for work?

A how to guide on managing risks arising from mental illness and transitioning your business to best practice mental fitness

Work-related mental health conditions (also known as psychological injuries) have become a major concern for and cost to Australian business. More than ever employers need to be aware of its mental health risks, what the risks are costing and what can be done to prevent these risks in the first place.

Hall & Wilcox have partnered up with Prudence Rehab to deliver an informative seminar on mental health in the workplace with real takeaways that will help your business get mentally fit for work.

You will hear from our partner and senior employment lawyer Fay Calderone on common psychological “injuries”, your duty of care as an employer to avoid foreseeable risks and the types of claims made by workers that are costing businesses big.

You will also hear from mental health occupational therapist, Robyn Thomas on how changes to specific life domains can have a significant impact on psychosocial capacity. Reducing risk factors in the workplace and increasing protective factors can provide an innovative approach to psychosocial injury prevention, early intervention and rehabilitation.

We hope you can join us.


Fay Calderone
Fay Calderone
Hall & Wilcox
Robyn Thomas
Mental health occupational therapist
Prudence Rehab


Event details

Date Tuesday 9 October 2018
Time 7:30am – 9:00am
Venue Hall & Wilcox
Level 9
60 Castlereagh Street
Contact Sarah Porter
Events Advisor
T: +61 2 8267 3815

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