Our history as a firm is worth documenting because it forms the roots of our identity and reminds us not only of where we came from, but of the principles upon which our firm was founded.

Our firm was established in 1917 when Alfred Hall entered into partnership with Francis Wilcox. The firm, then known as AG Hall & Wilcox, began operations during one of the bleakest periods in Australia’s history: World War 1. Often described as a testing ground for individual and national character, the ‘Great War’ was a unique backdrop against which to set down roots. It’s fair to say that the traits that characterised broader society at this time – a pragmatic outlook, courage ‘under fire’, a desire to serve, and a strong sense of loyalty – became, and remain, entrenched in our firm’s culture today.

Commercially, we initially set about establishing our credentials in litigation and insurance. Indeed, by the time we became known as Hall & Wilcox in the 1960s, we were considered to have one of Melbourne’s leading insurance practices.

Our firm continued to grow, building its reputation in areas such as statutory insurance and taxation, before evolving to become a full service commercial firm in the 1990s. At this time, we made the decision to remain an independent firm, prioritising the growth of our own talent and selective strategic lateral hires, over mergers and acquisitions.

This strategy has served us well, with the firm expanding from 11 partners in 2001 to 78 partners and approximately 650 employees in 2018. Today, we are known as a leading Australian independent business law firm servicing clients nationally and globally, from our offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Perth, Canberra and Brisbane.